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hiv is smaller than condom pores

hiv is smaller than condom pores. If you are using a LAYTEX barrier than no. When condoms were first invented, there were pores in it that were big enough to allow microbes to slip through (as they perceived they would only need condoms for BIRTH CONTROL). Nowadays, that is not the case.

michael roland latex

michael roland latex,¬†Anal cancer is at least 20 times more common in homosexual men than in heterosexual men. “Is Screening for Anal Cancer Warranted in Homosexual Men?” Sexual Health (09.04) Vol. 1; No. 3: P. 137-140::Jonathan StC. Anderson; Claire Vajdic; Andrew E. Grulich ———- Condom Talc danger is very serious ALL CONDOMS ARE COATED WITH … Continue reading