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BricsCad Platinum v12.2.5 Portable

Bricscad is the powerful DWG-alternative CAD platform that enables DWG-based applications and offers a complete and recognizable feature set to professional users. Here are 10 reasons why to choose Bricscad:

You can modernize your CAD for 1/5 the price of AutoCAD. 
Bricscad offers full-function 2D/3D DWG-based CAD and a compelling technology roadmap. 
Bricscad comes with friendly upgrade policies. 
The people behind Bricscad are CAD veterans committed to world-class support. 
Most users are transitioning from AutoCAD to Bricscad in one week or less. 

Bricscad has over 100,000 users around the world and earned a 98% satisfaction rating. 
Users and administrators in organizations with both Bricscad and AutoCAD prefer Bricscad. 
Bricscad offers an AutoCAD-compatible programming platform that supports existing applications. 
Increasingly, top developers are offering their existing AutoCAD applications and add-ons on Bricscad. 
You can try it right now for free! 

Other benefits 
Enabling applications 
Thanks to the extended list of compatible API’s available (LISP, SDS, COM, BRX), Bricscad V10 is now chosen by more than hundred of application developers so far to port their AutoCAD® based application to. Each application extends Bricscad V10 feature set to a new level. 

Enabling solutions 
Applications in main domains, such as AEC, GIS, Mechanical and Civil Engineering lift the Bricscad platform to the highest professional level. With a constant growing number of available engineering applications the Bricscad platform offers real solutions for the job to be done. 

Enabling choices 
By enabling DWG based solutions in every engineering domain Bricsys now finally can offer freedom in the decision process. As from Bricscad V10 on, the DWG world does have a real choice. Bricscad V10 combines professional engineering solutions with a fair and transparent pricing model, and a user friendly upgrade policy. 
Worldwide presence 
Bricscad is worldwide leader in DWG alternative CAD. Bricscad V10 – today available in 13 languages – offers an international platform for applications. Bricsys – the company behind Bricscad – assists developers actively with the porting of regional and international applications. Together with the application developers, Bricsys is building an international DWG based engineering community. 

High quality support 
In addition to its technological strength, Bricsys delivers high quality support to each user, each developer, every day and everywhere. Bricsys’ customers are leaders in their field and require a zero tolerance support. Bricsys eliminates barriers between its technical teams and the users of its products. Bricsys customers – anywhere on the globe – can communicate their support requests directly with the Bricsys support team. 

And finally, yes we know that our pricing is one of the main reasons why most people ultimately prefer our technology. Comparable quality for far less money. Download V10 and try it out for free for the next 30 days. We are confident… 

Version 12.2.5 – 08/05/2012  
        the ‘Drawings’ and ‘Open Drawings’ panels have been merged into a single ‘Drawings’ panel with ‘Open Drawings’ and ‘Folders’ tabs.
        Footprint of the Folders tree view is strongly reduced by displaying the folders as a compact flat list instead of a directory tree.
        BLOCKS from unopened drawings in the Folders view can now be browsed and inserted into the current drawing by double clicking them in the block overview.
        Drawing Explorer Options were added to configure this block insertion operation. Default configuration uses Aligned insertion and 1:1 scale.
    LAYER EXPLORER: for layouts, columns were added for ViewPort (VP) Color, VP Linetype, VP Lineweight and VP Plot Style.
    LAYER FILTERS: use expressions and layer properties to filter out sets of layers, and store filters for reuse. The current layerfilter optionally can be applied to the Layer combo in the Entiy Properties toolbar.
    The SHOWLAYERUSAGE variable controls whether the layer status column displays information about the layer usage. Activating this setting implies a cost to check and report the status.
    PUBLISH: this new command allows to configure, execute, save and reuse batch plot sessions. The PUBLISHALLSHEETS setting has been added. Directly publishing to DWF or PDF is not supported, but can easily be achieved by using freely available printer drivers.
    PRINT TO FILE: clicking a checkbox in the Print dialog now suffices to print to file.
    TOOLPALETTES: this command brings up the new dockable Toolpalettes Bar.
    To add tools to a palette:
        Right-click a block in the Block Explorer and use the Add to Current tool palette option.
        Right-click a pattern in the Hatch Pattern Palette and use the Add to Current tool palette option.
        Right-click a tool in the Customize dialog and use the Add to Current tool palette option.
    To modify tool properties, right-click the tool icon in the palette and select the Properties option.
    SR26950, SR30864 – XOPEN: this command allows to select and open Xref files. Available from XREF context menu and Drawing Explorer XREF tab.
    SR29936 – DWFVERSION: this new preference setting allows to control the DWF version used by the EXPORT command.

    ANNOALLVISIBLE: system variable which allows to enforce display of all annotative objects.
    DEMANDLOAD: system variable which allows to control whether registered object enablers are loaded when their custom objects are detected. This variable allows to suppress the default loading of the AEC custom entity enablers, introduced since V12.
    DRAWING EXPLORER: added “Description” column (block comments) to the blocks list view. It is now possible to insert a block by double-clicking its row label.
    LISP engine: upgraded, offering better performance and new VLE- functions.
    REFEDIT: implemented support for CONSTRAINT handling during a Refedit session.
    REGION: regions creation first considers open curves, then closed entities. Entities with null geometry are ignored now.
    SCROLL ZOOM: improved performance by suppressing a redundant redraw at the end of a scroll-zoom operation ( = mouse wheel zoom).
    TABLES: the table edit dialog now allows to delete a range of columns/rows.
    TTF DISPLAY: for international TTF text, Bricscad tries to use available fonts containing unrecognized characters instead of drawing unrecognized character symbols (rectangles).
    SR28726, SR29997, SR33335, SR33890 – PRINT: printing transparent raster images has been reworked and improved. During testing we found that capabilities depend on the printer and driver being used. Using PDF-printers we noticed that the (free) PDFCreator driver performed excellent, as opposed to many others.
    SR30320 – TABLES: Export Table option was added to the context menu when one table entity is selected.
    SR33474 – PRINT: when initializing from a page setup with an unknown paper size name (dxf4), or unknown printer (dxf2), a paper size with dimensions closest to the one stored in the page setup (dxf44,45) is selected.
    SR33868 – PRINT: number of copies is reset after each print operation to avoid undesired printing of multiple copies.
    SR34040 – PEDIT: the Join option now reports the number of added segments for 3d-polylines.
    SR34067 – PURGE: enabled “T” option for table styles, “BA” for batch operation.
    SR34141 – TEXT command: improved copying of text properties from most recently created text instance when text entities are created with default parameters.
    SR34169 – REGION: added support for creating a region from a 3dface entity.
    SR34523 – FILLET: added support for creating fillets between arcs and polyline segments.
    SR34559 – FIND: the ‘zoom to’ option was zooming in uncomfortably close on the text.

    2D-CONSTRAINTS: it was not possible to create constraints on isolated points.
    AREA and MASSPROP failed to report zero values when empty Acis entities were selected.
    -PLOT command: printed output was shifted when printing other layouts than the currently active one.
    PLOT: if a pc3 was (incorrectly) created so that both plot-to-file and auto-spool were set simultaneously, plot-to-file had precedence, while instead auto-spool should take precedence.
    SR21633, SR33521 – SOLIDEDIT: command SOLIDEDIT/BODY/CHECK has been reworked and corrected.
    SR23954, SR28339 – BLOCK EXPLORER: fixed errors in displayed block counts.
    SR24097, SR24443 – CLIPPED VIEWPORT: when working in model space, through a clipped floating viewport in paper space, the clipped (invisible) geometry could become selected when clicking in the area outside the clipped viewport, which led to undesired and hard-to-understand behavior.
    SR24785 – ATTRIBUTE XDATA: when creating an insert, attributes did not copy XDATA from the matching attribute definitions.
    SR26581 – REGION: it was not possible to create regions from entities with closed or equal start-end points.
    SR28182 – CONTEXT MENU: accelerator keys did not work on Windows platform.
    SR28726, SR29997, SR33335, SR33890 – PDF EXPORT: fixed export of transparent images, along with several smaller pdf export fixes.
    SR29069, SR30256 – GRIPS: Grips of attribute entities should also be drawn when on an invisible layer.
    SR30951 – CONSTRAINTS: original constraints were erased along when erasing copied geometry.
    SR31163 – DISPLAY: drawings with big extents had display problems in Gouraud and Hidden shade modes (which are OpenGL based).
    SR31523 – SAVE AS DXF: now silently replaces invalid colors 257 with 256 (ByLayer).
    SR31531, SR32605 – HIGHLIGHTEFFECT: when SHADEMODE = hidden, entities could disappear instead of being highlighted when HIGHLIGHTEFFECT value was set to 1 or 3.
    SR31914, SR32049, SR32900, SR33989 – PRINT: Adobe Acrobat Pro needed two attempts in order to print: the first page was empty. Also, when splitting the model space view in two, print preview sometimes showed up empty.
    SR33003 – PDFATTACH: dialog did not recognize paths containing international characters.
    SR32404 – OLE: very slow grip_stretch of OLE objects has been fixed.
    SR32603 – PERSPECTIVE: full-size crosshair cursor was only partially displayed in perspective mode.
    SR32680 – OPEN FILE DIALOG: it was not possible to simultaneously open multiple files with long pathnames due to limited buffer size.
    SR32836 – CRASH: a user-provided drawing triggered a crash during loading.
    SR32858, SR32903 – TRIM: hatch boundaries containing spline loops could not be trimmed.
    SR32868 – OLE: when inserting a new OLE Object “AcadDocument Class | Bricscad 12” in another application, e.g. MS Word, Bricscad was loaded with two documents: one embedded document and a second, empty new document. Entities mistakenly were created in the wrong (empty) document, giving the impression that nothing happened.
    SR32900 – PDF EXPORT: crash occurred with a drawing containing raster images.
    SR33089 – PDF UNDERLAY: snap only returned the end points of nurbs curves. Now additionally nearest and midpoint snap for nurbs (contained in pdf underlays) are supported.
    SR33286 – EXPORT TO PDF: lines whose line type was modified using a Plot Style Table, were drawn as continuous line type, regardless the line type chosen.
    SR33319, SR34273 – EXTRUDE: fixed incorrect extruding with taper angle.
    SR33369, SR34151 – XREF/ATTACH: failed if cloning is forbidden for a proxy class.
    SR33390 – PDF UNDERLAY: fixed small shifts of the PDF underlay during zooming and panning.
    SR33601 – PRINT: print commands did not run in case printers were installed, but none had been marked as being the default system printer.
    SR33663 – DXF LOAD: fixed adjustment of middle/center text upon loading dxf files.
    SR33734 – PROPERTIES PANEL: grouped properties were not displayed as a group.
    SR33741 – CONSTRAINTS: angular constraint dimension disappeared after changing its value to 180ø.
    SR33752 – OPEN: dimension entities from R14 drawing did not get EED overrides for DIMADEC and DIMAZIN values.
    SR33784 – FIELDS: file name fields got the autosave backup file name after AUTOSAVE-triggered update of fields. AUTOSAVE should not trigger a field update.
    SR33808 – DRAWING EXPLORER: in 3D mode, when the Material editor was opened and the current material was made transparent, a crash could occur after regen.
    SR33873 – PDF EXPORT: OLE object corruption occurred upon export to PDF.
    SR33876, SR34000, SR34011 – XREF DISPLAY: after freezing a layer containing xref subentities, the whole xref temporarily was no longer displayed.
    SR33883 – DXFOUT: if all vertices of an entity effectively have same start/end width, this width value should be written to the dxf file as the global width instead.
    SR33899 – OLE: wrong display of OLE object and/or crash when pasting an entity copied from Bricscad to Excel, back to Bricscad.
    SR33965 – TABLES: orientation was incorrect when inserting a table in a rotated UCS.
    SR34027, SR34050 – PRINT: layout graphics were shifted or disappeared from the view after printing.
    SR34031 – EXTRUDE: failure to extrude some polylines, with message “Self-intersecting curve can not be processed”. Regression since V12.1.12.
    SR34047 – MATERIALS: changing the material of a 3d solid, did not change the materials assigned to specific faces of the solid.
    SR34052 – TOOLBARS: added topBottom flyout in the middle of the Look From toolbar. The first button is the same as before, i.e. rotate the view to top view, the second button rotates the view to the bottom view.
    SR34097 – VIEWPORT STRETCH: vertical stretch of viewport also modified the scale of its contents.
    SR34104 – LAYERS: a redundant view regeneration occurred after changing layer properties via Entity Properties toolbar or Layer Explorer.
    SR34106 – PDF UNDERLAY: failure to display PDF underlay when the underlay was shown on its side, parallel to the view direction.
    SR34115 – DRAGGING: ‘rubber band’ dynamic graphics now use snapped point location instead of cursor position.
    SR34146 – TOOLBARS: some custom PNG toolbar icons with transparency were drawn using a black background.
    SR34155 – PRINT: when number of copies > 1, multiple print jobs were created instead of one job with multiple copies.
    Note, multiple jobs will still be created for drivers that do not support multiple copy printing.
    SR34219 – OLE: ‘save’ command failed to properly save Bricscad documents embedded in other applications.
    NOTE: the size of the image in the client application depends on the Bricscad view size at the moment the embedded document was saved.
    SR34231 – PROPERTIES PANEL: a crash occurred upon changing property values of entities on locked layers.
    SR34241 – LOCALIZATION: the List option of the -LAYER command listed default linetype and color names in English.
    SR34237 – SNAP to 3D solids: fixed center snap to cone, sphere and torus.
    SR34335 – PDF UNDERLAY: scaled underlays failed to print or display when the scale value required creation of very high resolution images. Maximum resolution has been restricted to 16000 x 16000 pixels.
    SR34362 – UNION, INTERSECT commands: are terminated if less than 2 entities were selected.
    Corrected commands INTERSECT, UNION, SUBTRACT: if result of boolean operation is empty, resulting entity is deleted (this concerns both 3DSOLIDs and REGIONs).
    SR34363 – DDEDIT: all nested blocks had the same name in Reference Edit dialog. Error message “Invalid selection” was displayed when DDEDIT command was run from the command line.
    SR34397 – CUSTOMIZE DIALOG: custom toolbar icons were not displayed in the Customize dialog
    SR34418 , SR34306 – EXTRUDE, REGION: polylines with size of ~1.e-6 could not be transformed to REGION or be EXTRUDEd.
    SR34430 – HATCH AREA: nested hatch boundaries, produced by text entities, were not ignored during calculation of hatch area.
    SR34486 – MINSERT: MInsert entity containing empty block led to incorrect huge zoom extents calculation.
        screws of type ISO 4766 and 7434 could not be created.
        thread visualization was missing for American standard screws and screws of type DIN 551 and 553.
        inconsistent lengths were reported for screws of type SSCR, SPLN SCH, and CP.
    SR34570 – PEDIT JOIN: arc segments will almost coincident endpoints (within 1e-8 tolerance) could not be joined.
    SR34583, SR34675 – IMPORT: during import of dwg or dxf files, the user was prompted for an insertion rotation angle, while instead the default value 0 should be used. Regression since V12.1.
    SR34660 – GRID: 1. using an adaptive grid with grid lines, a crash occurred when zooming out very far (order of magnitude 1E12).
    2. grid lines were not enough extended to reach the boundary of the drawing area.
    SR34695 – STYLE: a crash occurred when executing the STYLE command with a user-provided drawing. The crash occurred because the complete path to the font file was stored instead of just the font name.

Application Development
    LISP: added support for (acet-sys-command).
    LISP, SDS, BRX: (nentsel), (nentselp) and related SDS and BRX functions did accept the “_last” keyword, they should not.
    LISP, SDS, BRX: “sysvarWillChange” reactor event was sent too late, after the system variable had already been changed.
    .NET: method SetDatabaseDefaults() now applies the defaults from the current database.
    SR21285 – COM: Utility.GetEntity() has been corrected to accept keywords and reset the Err object.
    SR26039, SR26040 – Plot API: added support for plot reactor.
    SR26150 – BRX: the “open state” for owner objects by mistake could be promoted to kForWrite status when their child objects got closed, making it impossible to open these owner objects afterwards.
    SR26568, SR31727 – Plot API: added support for the plot preview engine
    SR30828 – BRX: base class function getOffsetCurves() is now available for custom entities derived from AcDbPolyline and AcDb2dPolyline.
    SR31275 – PLOT API: added support for plot device overrides
    SR31921 – DCS: fixed issue with transformation into/from DCS, by keeping the target point unmodified after ZOOM and PAN operations.
    SR31984 – .NET: added implementation for BoundaryRepresentation::BrepEntity::GetPointContainment, BoundaryRepresentation::BrepEntity::GetLineContainment and the “Hit” class.
    SR32322, SR33847 – BRX: deepClone() issues with dictionary were fixed.
    SR32341 – CONTEXT MENUS: updated pop aliases for context menus.
    SR33464 – .NET: implemented RasterImageDef.ActiveFileName.
    SR33883 – LISP, BRX: the dxf 40 and 41 groups of a LwPolyLine (start and end width) should be ignored if a dxf 43 group is present. This applies to (entmod), sds_entmod() and dxfout.
    SR33949 – LISP: the Z-coordinate returned by Getpoint was not equal to 0 in case the UCS was rotated 180 degrees around the X-axis.
    SR33965 – COM: table created by method ‘AddTable’ had incorrect UCS.
    SR34073 – LISP, SDS, BRX: several commands did not correctly return “cancelled” status when the command was finished by pressing the ESCAPE key.
    SR34134 – LISP, SDS, BRX: command reactor event for layout switch by layout tabs is now sent as “LAYOUT_CONTROL”.
    SR34135 – UNDO / REDO: sub-command events are now sent as reactor events for OdEditorReactor / AcEditorReactor based reactors.
    SR34167 – ATTDIA: during script execution, the INSERT command should ignore ATTDIA = 1.
    SR34175 – COM: a “Pure Virtual Function Call R6025” error message occurred upon shutdown after detaching XRef files via COM.
    SR34377 – LISP: (vl-sort) could fail and return the original (unsorted) list in case comparator functions triggered an error for (atoi) or (atof), e.g. for (atoi “abc”) or (atof “xyz”)
    SR34378 – BRX: AcApDocManager::lockDocument(kAutoWrite): pending document lock was not automatically released, and related Undo record was not closed.
    SR34417, SR34542 – LISP: the 210 groupcode returned by (entget) for an LWPOLYLINE mistakenly held a 2D point instead of a 3D point.
    SR34419 – LISP, SDS, BRX: (textbox) / sds_testbox() / acedTextBox() – as per declaration, the text definition must be treated as
        origin = 0,0,0
        text rotation as 0 (270 degree for vertical texts)
        on world XY-plane
    This has been fixed.
    SR34432 – LISP: the in (foreach item ) was evaluated for each loop cycle, which is not correct.
    SR34439 – LISP: undesired “modified” event was sent for (vlr-acdb-reactor) clients when entity was (un-)erased.
    SR34454 – LISP: when PStyleMode=1, (setvar “CPlotStyle” …) should not verify the argument value.
    SR34470 – LISP: built-in Lisp functions could be reset as NIL, by mistake, when a variable with the same name was used in Lisp code;
    SR34491 – DOUBLE CLICK EDIT: double click edit could not be implemented for built-in entity types.
    SR34554 – BRX: OdDbDatabase::setTEXTSIZE() did not send reactor events.
    SR34609 – LISP: when objects were erased, using a persistent Lisp reactor, when the drawing was saved, that drawing could not be reopened later, due to a problem in Lisp reactor management, related to those erased (no longer existing) objects.
    SR34685 – LISP, SDS, BRX: the SELECT command incorrectly returned RTCAN instead of RTNONE status in for empty selection. Sample case: (command “_select” ss1 “_remove” ss2 “”), when ‘ss2’ removes all entities selected by ‘ss1’, and selection remains empty (same for sds_command() and acedCommand() cases).
    SR34696 – LISP: some variants of (mapcar ‘command …) failed. All known issues have been fixed.
    SR34721 – MENU: number of menus per menugroup is now limited to 16, instead of limiting the total number of menus to 24.
    SR34780 – LISP, SDS, BRX: (setvar) / sds_setvar() / acedSetVar() now can be used to change Bricscad preferences settings, like “templatepath” (and approx. 125 others).
    SR34785 – LISP & DCL: when using (getXXX) or (entsel)/(nentsel) functions in the same (action_tile) handler, a problem occurred when trying to close DCL dialogs.
    Example: (action_tile “key” “(done_dialog 1)(entsel)”). In such case, the Lisp engine assumed that the DCL dialog would be still open, and (getXXX), (entsel)/(nentsel) would immediately return.

Size: 108 MB
Download from 2shared:   http://tinyurl.com/clgvpn6


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