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500 Reasons Men Afraid of Commitment

Have you been or are currently in a love affair with a man who’s been with for a long time but never gave the signal will be applying for, or just talk about the future of a more serious? Or sometimes .. the man to steer the conversation when you start to open up the topic of marriage and often found her face suddenly pale when you talk about ‘our children later’. Hmm .. what is wrong?

It feels natural to you (and all women) who have a love affair for a long time wanted an assurance that the relationship in the form of legal commitment, the marriage. Unfortunately, he did not seem interested in that commitment. By Tina B. Tessina, PhD, a psychotherapist and author of The Unofficial GUIDE TO DATING AGAIN, there are five reasons why men ogahdekat-close to a commitment.

A. Many men have fantasies of living without responsibility and freedom. For them, commitment means to be responsible and grow more mature, two things that are not compatible with their fantasies. If he gets what he wants in a relationship without making a commitment, they will be more motivated to not commit. For men of this kind, it was important to create a relationship becomes official and legal.

2. Though have been with a woman, sometimes a few men keep secrets about Miss Right is most appropriate for him. There is someone who still he hoped to achieve, whether it’s in his childhood girlfriend, lover her brother, even .. his wife, oh boys .. That’s why the man was willing to wait for time to get the Miss / Ms. Rightdengan had not committed to anyone.

3. Men often have dreams about sex is easy and without any emotional attachment. If they can easily find a woman who can be invited to realize that dream all the time (of the advertisement or to contact them), why should commit and just enjoy sex with one woman for life? Ew ..

4. More women have a strong emotional feeling for a commitment (hence you reading this article right?), Whereas the men do not have that strong taste. Emotional openness and commitment is not an easy thing for men, they often stuck to not grow up and not see a commitment as something fun.

5. And there is a possibility, he suffered a painful thing on previous relationship, so he is anxious to re-establish a commitment with another woman.

If you date a man who fit into one of these categories, it should not lose hope that he would never pin a wedding ring on your finger. According to Tessina, you have to make the man understand that you are serious in a relationship and take a chance to end the relationship if the man is not willing to commit.

If in that way and all efforts to convince him in line and ready to commit to you, means he is not Mr. Right is right for you. Leave him and believe me, you will find a guy that thought with you, that a commitment is needed in a more serious relationship.

Remember this: if the man who was having an affair with your care with you (and your future with him), he will make a move to establish a commitment with you, so the message Tessina. Okay, Ladies, good luck!



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