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Download DJ Tiësto In Search of Sunrise

You can download it here: http://tinyurl.com/surisetiesto7-2

Track listing

In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia Disc 1
No. Title Artist Length
1. “Feel The Sun Rise” Banyan Tree 2:09
2. “Wasted” Andy Duguid featuring Leah 4:18
3. “Yohkoh (King Unique Original Mix)” King Unique 4:24
4. “Space Katzle (Jerome Sydenham Remix)” Motorcitysoul 4:55
5. “Feel The Rhythm (Ton TB Dub Mix)” Three Drives 5:53
6. “To Forever (Moonbeam Remix)” Rachael Starr 5:08
7. “The Storm (Inpetto Remix)” Jerry Ropero featuring Cozi 5:36
8. “Get Lifted” Kamui 5:21
9. “Ride (Tiësto Remix)” Cary Brothers 5:06
10. “Denial” Airbase featuring Floria Ambra 6:03
11. “Reason To Believe” Dokmai 6:03
12. “6 a.m. (Kyau & Albert Remix)” Cressida 5:05
13. “Power of You” Allure featuring Christian Burns 6:39
14. “Hua-Hin” Clouded Leopard 2:01
In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia Disc 2
No. Title Artist Length
1. “Blossom (Lounge Mix)” Steve Forte Rio featuring JES 2:00
2. “Crossroads” Zoo Brazil 4:47
3. “Kenta” Beltek 5:59
4. “Rush” Sied van Riel 5:00
5. “Driving To Heaven (Mat Zo Remix)” Tiësto 5:49
6. “Just A Thought” Carl B. 6:05
7. “Melkweg” Kimito Lopez 6:09
8. “Whenever I May Find Her (Joni Remix)” JPL 5:34
9. “Casa Grande” Estiva vs. Marnix 5:12
10. “Wounded Soul” Existone 6:31
11. “Something For Your Mind (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)” André Visior & Kay Stone 6:01
12. “The Curtain” Hensha 6:57
13. “Tanz Der Seele (YOMC Remix)” DJ Eremit 3:49
14. “Beyond The Stars” Manilla Rising 1:31
In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia Disc 3 (Armani Exchange Limited Edition CD Only)[8]
No. Title Artist Length
1. “Back In Your Head (Tiësto Remix)” Tegan & Sara 8:10
2. “The Right Life (Tiësto Remix)” Seal 7:24
3. “Crosses (Tiësto Remix)” José González 6:21
4. “Piece of Me (Tiësto Remix)” Britney Spears 7:55
5. “Tell Me (Max Graham Remix)” Clear View Featuring Jessica 8:49
6. “Falling (First State’s Stuck Parachute Mix)” First State Featuring Anita Kelsey 7:22
7. “Elements Of Life (Live From Copenhagen) (Quicktime Music Video)” Tiësto 3:33
8. “Ride (Tiësto Remix) (Quicktime Music Video)” Cary Brothers 3:42
In Search of Sunrise 7 Asia 2 x LP
A1. Andy Duguid feat. Leah – Wasted
A2. Kamni – Get Lifted
B1. Cary Brothers – Ride ( Tiesto Remix)
B2. Airbase feat. Floria Ambra – Denial
C1. Dokmai – Reason to believe
C2. Zoo Brazil — Crossroads
D1. Beltek – Kenta
D2. Sied van Riel — Rush

To support the release of his new mix compilation, Tiësto kicks off a dedicated North American 2008 In Search of Sunrise Summer Tour, with 36 club shows rolling across the States and Canada on June 13. He will later on host an exclusive two month long residency at Club Privilege in Ibiza. Tiësto will be the resident every Monday, starting on July 7 until the closing party on the 22nd of September. Tiësto will deliver his four hour deejay sets in the style of his In Search Of Sunrise series, everything supported by a newly developed and custom made state of the art production.[5] A video was released in YouTube which explains the production and making of the compilation and introduces four tracks: “Cary Brothers – Ride (Tiësto Remix)”, “Airbase feat. Floria Ambra – Denial”, “Banyan Tree — Feel The Sun Rise”, and “Andy Duguid featuring Leah — Wasted”.[6]
The 3xCD Limited Edition of Armani Exchange’s In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia compilation was released on June 14.[7]



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