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Warm heart, solid, searching – following – live with the truth, it is me!

Warm heart, solid, searching – following – live with the truth, it is me!

hiv is smaller than condom pores

hiv is smaller than condom pores. If you are using a LAYTEX barrier than no. When condoms were first invented, there were pores in it that were big enough to allow microbes to slip through (as they perceived they would only need condoms for BIRTH CONTROL). Nowadays, that is not the case.

DoTA 2

DoTA 2 Game favorit untuk LAN Party, Defense of The Ancient alias DoTA akan dibuatkan sekuelnya bernama DoTA 2. Tidak seperti versi sebelumnya, sekuel game ini resmi diusung oleh Valve. Sudah bukan kejutan besar lagi kalau Valve akhirnya mengusung sekuel dari game DoTA. Mereka juga telah merekrut Icefrog, developer yang mengelola mod DoTA paling populer, DoTA-AllStars. … Continue reading

michael roland latex

michael roland latex, Anal cancer is at least 20 times more common in homosexual men than in heterosexual men. “Is Screening for Anal Cancer Warranted in Homosexual Men?” Sexual Health (09.04) Vol. 1; No. 3: P. 137-140::Jonathan StC. Anderson; Claire Vajdic; Andrew E. Grulich ———- Condom Talc danger is very serious ALL CONDOMS ARE COATED WITH … Continue reading

Condom ‘safe sex’ theory full of holes

In an attempt to curb the rise in teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, schools across the country have implemented sex education programs. The curricula these courses employ are designed to provide instruction in “safe sex” procedures to protect teens from transmission of HIV/AIDS. Asked whether they are concerned about contracting HIV, most teens feel … Continue reading

Can HIV pass through the pores in latex condoms?

Dear Cecil: Get a load of this clip from the Washington Times. It says the latex used in condoms contains pores through which HIV, the AIDS virus, can readily pass–suggesting that “safe sex” using a condom may not be very safe. What gives? Answer quickly. Lives are in the balance! — M.L., Chicago Cecil replies: … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Ohhhh boy. It’s Christmas. Cheesy music. The dread of small talk at holiday parties. Shopping mall zoos. People that insist on embellishing all their clothing items and small pets with bells. The anxiety of finding a gift for my mother who always insists she wants nothing. The extra 27 or so pounds I gain from … Continue reading

Sunday Photopalooza Great Amazing !

My camera has officially failed me, in the sense most of the pictures I had taken at the beginning of the week disappeared when I transferred my memory card to my laptop. So, here are a bunch of random pictures I took between Thursday and today, including a lot of the Shakespeare Garden. Right next … Continue reading

Photograph of Indonesian undead? The walking corpse of Toraja

Zombies, walking corpses and the power of giving life to the dead are things from fiction, right? Well, what do you think about this picture? Click The Pictures to see clearer big picture : Quote: VISIT also my hottest post here on wordpress: Miyabi look like… (Japan hottest girl) Cinta Laura nip slip (indonesian hot … Continue reading


coli di warnet, di mana saja, coli pacar.